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For more than 30 years, our firm's founding lawyer, Ellen Dixius, has delivered personally tailored legal representation to people in need of family and divorce services throughout Fort Worth, Dallas and surrounding areas in Texas. In fact, she has practiced exclusively in family law, dedicating her entire practice to helping people with difficult family matters, such as child custody and support. She understands how difficult family dynamics can be and how to address them.

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Attorney Dixius' experience includes the kind of work you want your divorce attorney to have on their resume, particularly when you are dealing with child support and custody disputes. Not only has she worked as an assistant attorney general handling child support cases in Dallas, but also sat for associate Judges in Dallas and in Tarrant County. That experience means she understands how judges think when they have dealt with cases like yours in the past.

Work With Your Attorney Directly

What further sets the Law Office of Ellen Dixius apart is the individualized and personalized attention attorney Dixius provides to each of our firm's clients. When you have your initial consultation with us, you meet with attorney Dixius. NOT A PARALEGAL OR OTHER STAFF. We know you are dealing with a great deal of anxiety, so our one-on-one attention is designed to set your mind at ease.

Our personalized approach also enables attorney Dixius to learn the facts that make your case unique. Our team can then draw on that analysis to provide you with legal guidance directly responsive to your particular needs.

Other attorneys know how we work with our clients. When their own clients need personal attention in family matters, those attorneys send their clients to our office, knowing they have entrusted their clients to good hands.

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