10 Things NOT To Do When Attempting To Gain Primary Custody!

Many family law Top 10 Lists on the internet will tell you what to do when seeking to obtain primary custody of your children. Here at the Fort Worth, Texas, Law Office of Ellen Dixius, when it comes to custody, our firm's founding lawyer thinks it might be just as important for you to know what not to do.

With that in mind, attorney Dixius provides you with 10 things you should not do when attempting to gain primary custody of your child.

  1. Do not bad-mouth your ex-partner to the court.
  2. Do not bad-mouth your ex-partner to your child.
  3. Do not post inappropriate material on social media or in texts and emails.
  4. Do not think the court considers your interests over those of your child.
  5. Do not dress for court like you are going to the beach.
  6. Do not come to court unprepared.
  7. Do not assume a court will favor one parent over another solely because of gender.
  8. Do not interfere with your ex-partner's access to your children, including phone calls and visits.
  9. Do not involve your new romantic partner in your life with your child.
  10. Do not hide information from your lawyer. Your lawyer cannot protect you from what you keep hidden.

Ultimately, the court will want to determine the best interests of the child. While the court is determining custody, you, too, will want to keep the best interests of your child in mind and act accordingly. The court is always assessing whether you or your ex-spouse is more believable.

That standard, the best interests of your child, is the standard the court will apply to all of your actions. By avoiding the 10 mistakes listed above, you can make it more likely that the court will find you to be the better parent when deciding custody disputes.

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