Hiring An Attorney Can Actually Save You Money And Time

It's probably one of the first things you think: "What about handling this myself?"

The law does indeed say that people may represent themselves in their cases and in court. But can you represent yourself effectively? Let us help you understand the answer to the question, "Why should you pay for an attorney?"

At the Fort Worth, Texas, Law Office of Ellen Dixius, we regularly work with people who thought they would save some money by trying to represent themselves. Unfortunately, those same people often cannot represent themselves effectively, even in situations where seemingly simple court forms are made available.

People often make mistakes, not knowing the hidden pitfalls in the forms. Those forms often touch on legal rules and procedures that experienced lawyers have only learned about over the course of decades of handling these cases. Those mistakes actually increase costs because they need to be fixed by an attorney.

How Do You Know When You Need To Hire An Attorney?

A sure sign of knowing that you should not try to represent yourself is if you have thought of preparing papers and then asking an attorney to "just review them" and sign off on them. If you have thought of having an attorney just review your paperwork, then you know you need legal advice, even if it is just filling out forms. Ask yourself, "Do I understand the forms?" If you do not, you need an attorney.

At the same time, filling out your own papers can make your case take even longer than it would take had you retained us from the start. A mistake at this stage can affect the rest of your case, not only increasing expenses but also causing your case to take longer than it should.

We are also honest with you when you do not need an attorney. With more than 30 years of experience in handling difficult family disputes, attorney Dixius understands how families work and how to advise people when their problems do not require legal intervention after all.

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