If you are newly married in Texas, and your spouse has children, you now have a new role as a stepparent. In most situations, your stepchildren may not be too thrilled with the idea of you coming into their lives, and this can lead to resentment and conflict. It may take time, but if you follow these tips the chances of you eventually developing a healthy relationship with them increases.

According to Parents, it is best to take a step back when it comes to entering into this family dynamic. You may want to form an instant bond with the kids, but if you force or rush it, this may never happen. It is important you realize your role, which is more of a supportive position than an authoritative one. Your spouse and the ex should be in charge of rules and discipline, and you need to respect this. Do you disagree with something the ex has done or a decision he/she made? Do you want to say something bad about him/her in front of the kids? Hold your tongue as saying anything will only make things worse.

Web MD discusses that it may be tough going for a while but that you should not take it personally. It may help to schedule weekly meetings with the family so everyone can share their feelings, both good and bad, about how things are going. Once you establish respect with the children, try to do something one-on-one with each child about once a month. This helps define your relationship with each one and can lead to a greater bond.