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Every ending is a new beginning: Hope after Divorce

Change is scary for most people, especially when children are involved and there is so much uncertainty about the future. The darkness of divorce is real, and many people find themselves falling into depression, overburdened by stress during this time. That is why this post is dedicated to inspiring hope to hearts that are broken along with the dreams that marriage promised.

Every person who is still living on this planet has a purpose to serve. You wouldn’t be alive if you didn’t have a life assignment. Your divorce is a part of your story now and you can inspire others with your ability to heal and grow from the lessons this experience is teaching you.

Walk into your new beginning with faith

The ending of your marriage is forging a new path for you to embark upon. You and your children can thrive regardless of the shifts divorce makes. You are stronger than you may realize at this moment. Through the sharpening of iron against life, you are being strengthened for the purpose your life serves. Practice embracing a new perspective on your new beginning. You don’t have to worry in this lifetime. Worry is completely optional and those who delve their thoughts into worrisome storms only harm themselves and react out of fear instead of faith. Preserve your mental health and you and your children will greatly benefit.

You are not alone

Avoid closing yourself off to the many resources available to help people through divorce. There are divorce recovery groups, qualified therapists, good books, videos, family and friends you can reach out to for support. You also have legal support to hold your hand with compassion during this sensitive time in your life. When you have a team of people to help you with the logistics along with the emotional healing you need, you have everything you need to recover from your divorce.

Every human being needs connection to others, yourself, and a higher power (if you make space for that belief in your life). When you are connected in all three ways, you are fulfilled in life and less likely to repeat the same mistakes or miss warning signs with another relationship. Take time to make connections and cultivate the growth and healing. You are more than deserving of positive change and a brighter future in this life.

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