Marriages break down for different reasons, but some are the result of a couple having different plans for their future. For example, one spouse may want to move to another state, whether they want to be closer to family or pursue more lucrative career opportunities. Or, someone’s spouse may not want to have kids, even though they are determined to have multiple children. These are just some of the differences that married couples sometimes struggle with and in certain instances, these differences can ultimately lead to the breakdown of a marriage.

If you and your marital partner are trying to see eye to eye on an important topic, it is crucial to do what you can to defuse tensions. Even if you do have to eventually split up with your spouse over your differences, it will probably be very helpful for you to stay on good terms with your spouse. For example, if you have kids this can be highly beneficial, and it may also help you work through the divorce process in a less complicated manner.

Couples disagree on many issues, from those which are minor to major life changes. For example, someone may be determined to move to another country to pursue a job opportunity, and their spouse may be unwilling to move forward in the relationship due to such a significant change. Please go to the divorce part of our website to read about some other family law issues that may apply to couples who are approaching the process of divorce.