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Are There Really Health Effects of Divorcing After 50?

According to U.S. News, since 1990, divorce rates for people 50 years and older have doubled. Texas is no exception to this ongoing trend. Silver Divorces, as they are sometimes called, have become quite normal. However, when you are the one going through the divorce, you may begin to wonder if such a lifechanging decision can affect your health.

While many people thrive when divorcing after 50, there is an adjustment period and there are potential risks to your health. There are both psychological and physiological conditions that may develop, especially for people who already had pre-existing conditions. But why? Did you not divorce to live a happier and more fulfilling life without a partner who was no longer on the same page with you?

This may be true, but for people leaving very unhappy relationships behind, happiness may not be immediate. Many people suffer from post-traumatic stress in the form of nightmares or flashbacks to abuse or difficult events. Others may still have to work through depression and anxiety.

Loneliness from isolation seems to be one of the main concerns for over-50 divorcees. However, you may be surprised to know that men are the ones who are more likely to suffer from this. How so? Well, women are traditionally more involved with raising the children and so may be closer to them and can count on stronger relationships and more visits.

In addition to this, women were often in charge of bringing the family together for holidays, whereas men tend to play a more passive role. Thus, when a wife is no longer a part of the home, the togetherness of holidays may be lost.

However, women do not escape unscathed. Women tend to struggle more financially in instances were the man was the main breadwinner. Many women overcome this by going back to work, starting their own business or even obtaining a new degree. It is a process, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel for many who remain persistent.

A divorce may be stressful at all ages. However, it is often more so for people over 50. The good news is that the adjustment process will not last forever. By remaining in contact with family, building an active social life, exercising and eating healthy, you may transmission into a happy and fulfilling life without your partner. In fact, many people do.

This article provides information on divorcing over 50. It should not be interpreted as legal or medical advice.

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