When people in Texas think of high-profile divorces, they usually think of celebrities splitting up. While these definitely count as high-profile divorces, celebrities are not the only people in the limelight in a local community. Business managers, church leaders, community leaders and families of local star athletes may also attract a fair amount of attention.

This may make divorce even more unsettling for children as their own peers may have questions, and they may be aware of being treated differently by other adults. Here are some tips on how to help children cope in these instances.

Focus on the children

Local gossip and even media attention only worsen the tension in a family during a divorce. People may begin to speculate about why the couple is breaking up, thus contributing to rumors. This can make the couple defensive, especially if there is some truth to the rumors. However, as hard as it is, CNN recommends keeping the focus on the children at all times.

Clarify the truth

There is really no way to shield children from the rest of the community when rumors start to fly. Parents talk among themselves and their children will overhear them. As a result, it is very important for children of divorcees to be able to get some clarification as to what it is going on, within reason.

Consider Counseling

MentalHelp.net believes that counseling is another way to help ensure a smooth transition, especially if the parents are not getting along. Effective counseling in these scenarios may be completed as a family, as a couple or individually, depending on the underlying issues.

When high-profile and high-conflict divorce cases coincide as one, it becomes the worst possible divorce scenario for a child to deal with. Even so, there are steps parents can take to make this easier. It will require self-sacrifice, integrity and teamwork.