Divorces in Texas can sometimes take a nasty turn for the worst. When this happens, couples may resort to everything from GPS trackers to spyware to keep tabs on their ex. Some partners may even install these devices long before they disclose their intentions to leave. This may happen if a wife believes her husband is cheating. According to NPR, it may even happen when an ex-husband decides he wants to keep tabs on his ex-wife to terrify her.

After reviewing two dozen cases of using spying tools that made it into a U.S. courtroom, NPR found that judges were inconsistent in how they punished the people responsible. In one case dating all the way back to 2007, a Texan used SpyRecon against his wife. He faced a four-year sentence for his actions. Meanwhile, some people get away with these activities with little or no repercussions, particularly when it involves tracking jointly owned property, such as a car.

One of the problems many victims face is that local police either will not or cannot investigate the reports. Instead, many people end up spending thousands of dollars on private investigators to uncover the truth. Or, in the case of one woman, it was her mechanic who found the GPS tracker behind the front tire of her car.

Forbes recommends the following advice to people who believe their current or former spouse may be using technology to spy on them:

  •          Restrict the amount of time you spend online and what you post there
  •          Create a new email account and suspend use of the old one
  •          Change your passwords and get new security questions
  •          Review privacy settings for social media accounts
  •          Turn off syncing across devices to tighten security

Some partners spy on their exes to find information to use against them in a divorce. In other instances, they may like to use the information simply to inspire fear. Whatever the reason, no one likes to have their privacy violated. Also, the perpetrator may soon find that if discovered, they may face legal repercussions for their actions.