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Managing mental health during divorce

For many Texas individuals, the divorce process creates challenging and potentially overwhelming emotions. The issues that caused the marriage to end and the changes in living circumstances may have a significant effect on a person's mental health. In some cases, divorce may cause or worsen some types of mental illness, such as depression or anxiety. Mental illness may also be one of the factors leading to a divorce. It may be helpful for individuals to understand the relationship between divorce and mental health issues.

How do you establish paternity in Texas?

Going through the legal process to confirm that you are the father of your children may provide numerous benefits for both you and them. It may be especially vital if you are not married to your children's mother. When you establish paternity in Texas, you give your children an official record of their heritage. It also helps ensure you maintain a relationship with your children if you ever separate from their mother.

Your rights as a stepparent after divorce

You may have many options for maintaining close and healthy relationships with your stepchildren after divorce. It might even be possible in Texas to have legal rights and responsibilities toward them. But generally, a stepparent’s legal parental rights end along with their marriage to the biological parent. 

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