When you and your spouse face conflicts, how do you know which ones are just minor issues that you’ll move past in time and which ones are more serious? One way is to consider which issues often lead to divorce. It’s clear that they have a serious impact on marital satisfaction and could prove impossible to overcome.

Every marriage is unique, and marriages end for more than a few reasons. However, here are some of the most common reasons for divorce, according to experts:

  • Abuse, which could be physical or emotional
  • Problems with money
  • Consistent arguing and an inability to resolve conflicts
  • A lack of communication
  • Infidelity, when one person is unfaithful to the marriage
  • Weight gain, which is common later in life
  • A lack of equality between the spouses
  • A lack of intimacy, which could itself stem from many causes
  • Two people who got married but were not prepared for the changes it would bring to their lives
  • Couples who held unrealistic expectations for their spouses or for marriage in general

You can make it a point to avoid some of these things. Others may just be an inherent part of your relationship. You may have very little control over the choices your spouse makes and how they could impact your marriage and your future, regardless of your own actions.

If you do get divorced for one of the reasons listed above or for another reason entirely, the key is to make sure that you understand the legal process and all of the rights and options that you have.