Couples who have raised children together might assume that their relationship isn’t going to change once the kids are grown and gone. The possibility of a divorce comes as a shock for them, but it is a reality for many as they are adjusting to the new way of life without children to worry about. 

The children leaving isn’t necessarily the factor that leads to divorce. Instead, many people realize that they’ve been subconsciously thinking about splitting up for a while. They find that they just aren’t close to their spouse any longer because they’ve slowly been growing apart. 

One important thing to remember if you’re ending your marriage at an older age is that you have to think carefully about the financial impact. You don’t have the years you have to make up the income that you’d have if you were younger. 

You’ll have to carefully consider the options you have for property division because the choices you make now can have a significant impact on the way your future finances look. Don’t get caught up in the emotional ties you have to assets. Instead, think about how they might help you or harm you in the future. 

Retirement accounts are one area that might lead to contention among older divorcing couples. Dividing these may require that you receive a qualified domestic relations order from the court. Pay close attention to the terms of your divorce so you can plan your finances accordingly. 

Because grey divorces have some unique points you should ensure that you have a lawyer on your side who can help to walk you through these matters.