Going through a divorce can dominate every aspect of your life as the process can take an emotional, as well as a financial toll, but it can create additional challenges when it starts impacting you at work.

While most people understand the importance of keeping their personal and professional lives separate, it’s not always easy to juggle your job with calls, meetings or court appearances related to a divorce.

Strategies to keep divorce from disrupting your career

While divorce can feel overwhelming at times, there are several steps you can take to keep the impact at work minimal, including:

Scheduling: Set a goal of never mixing your divorce and work activities. Allowing yourself to be distracted on the job can negatively affect your productivity and create more anxiety. However, be realistic that divorce matters will come up during the workday and address them by:

  • Setting aside a specific period each day to deal with them
  • Consolidate all questions and issues into one email a day with your attorney
  • Let your attorney know about out-of-town trips or vital company meetings to avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Alert schedulers at work about important court dates or parenting responsibilities

Use discretion and be organized: Keep all confidential material related to your divorce from prying eyes. If you need to keep divorce-related content on a work computer, create a separate master folder.

Don’t mix email accounts: Use your work email only for work-related business and use your personal email for all correspondence related to your divorce.

Alert only those who need to know: While you want to be discrete, you may need to notify a boss about court dates and parenting responsibilities, while HR personnel may need to know about specific documents that may be requested or subpoenaed.

Don’t overburden colleagues: When requesting work records, submit an organized and comprehensive list of the paperwork you need instead of asking for one document at a time.

Maintain privacy and professionalism

Keep your discussions about divorce confined to your attorney and closest friends. Talking about your personal life while at work can hurt how you are viewed as a co-worker and understand there could be further consequences if your fellow employees are deposed as part of your divorce proceedings.