Your one goal for your divorce is to stay connected with your kids. Nothing is more important to you. That’s why you’re trying to share custody with your ex. You know that having some time with the children will make you far happier and that it’s good for their growth and development.

That said, you know that shared custody will also mean less time than you have enjoyed with the children in the past. How do you make the time that you do have count?

First and foremost, try to set other responsibilities aside and focus on the children. Be an involved, engaged parent, not just someone who is in the same room. Yes, life is stressful, but you have other time to run errands and get things done. When you’re with the kids, it should be all about them.

Similarly, you want to do the things they enjoy. Draw pictures. Read books. Go to the park. As parents, it’s tempting to always want to accomplish something, but there is beauty in just spending time together and letting the children enjoy themselves.

As you may expect, you also want to limit technology. That doesn’t necessarily mean cutting it out entirely. Having family movie night on Friday can be a great time. But if you’re scrolling on your phone, one child is playing video games and the other is watching TV, you’re not getting quality time together. Put emphasis on things that help you engage with each other.

Keep these tips in mind as you look into your parental rights and set up your parenting plan.