You believe that it’s better to have primary custody of your children after the divorce. Maybe your spouse is seldom home. Maybe your spouse has emotional problems that make effective parenting difficult. Whatever the reason, you hope that the judge sees things your way.

If primary physical custody is what you really want, then you need to start taking steps to make your case stronger now. If you make mistakes, the likelihood of being the primary custodian may diminish significantly. Here are five things you should not do if you want to win custody of your kids. 

1. Don’t speak badly about your ex.

Never speak badly about your ex online or to your kids. It will get back to them, and the judge may think that you are simply vindictive.

2. Don’t introduce your children to a new romantic partner.

You want to show a judge that you put your kids first. That means focusing on them, not on a new romantic partner. Don’t introduce them to a new partner before your divorce is final. That indicates your focus is someplace other than your children’s well-being.

3. Don’t lie to your attorney.

If you have done something that could hurt your case, don’t lie about it to your attorney or try to withhold the truth. Your attorney needs to know everything about your case, so that they can help you try to seek the custody you want

4. Don’t be unprepared for court

Next, don’t be unprepared. Looking disheveled, messy or inappropriately dressed won’t make the judge feel like your a responsible adult.

5. Don’t post on social media

Finally, don’t post on social media. You don’t want anything you say or do to be used against you. Ask others not to tag images of you, either. 

If you’re hoping for primary custody, make sure that you have experienced legal assistance.