To you, your kids are the most important thing in the world. They are fun to be around and have handled going through this divorce well. Right now, you’re working a lot, so you could only have partial visitation. You see them two times a week for around a half a day. It’s not enough, and it’s frustrating to you.

One thing that you may want to discuss with your attorney is supplementing your time with virtual visitation. Virtual visitation may allow you to participate more in their day-to-day lives, even though you can’t physically be there. For example, if your child needs help with homework, you could log into a video conferencing program and call them from your home. Even though you may not have enough time to come get them, take them to your home and return them that night, you could still spend an hour or two helping them.

Similarly, some parents use this as a way to see their children before bed or to watch them participate in activities. Parents might teleconference in to meetings with their children’s coaches or teachers. Here’s an example. You could call through on a video call and watch your child’s dance recital from your office at work or be able to watch your child’s baseball game from anywhere in the world.

If you can’t get more custody time in person, this may be a helpful option for you. Our website has more on child custody, what you should and should not do when seeking custody and how different parenting plans may be right for you situation.