Living together with your spouse during divorce proceedings is not much fun. It can be hard to prevent the tensions between you spilling over into daily arguments. Under Texas law, you do not have to live apart during the divorce process, but if you can afford to, it is probably best.

These are some living arrangements you could consider as your marriage comes to an end:

  • Sleeping under the same roof: Depending on your finances, this may be your only option. You need separate beds to make this work. If space is too tight for different rooms, one can sleep on the couch or in your child’s room.
  • Bird nesting: Ever seen a nest with baby birds? The chicks stay in the nest while their parents take turns to fly off and search for food. It works for humans too. You rent a second apartment and take turns to spend time with your children in the main home, with the other parent heading to the second home.
  • Stay with a friend: If you have a willing friend with space, this can work well. Their support could be invaluable during this difficult time.
  • Rent an Airbnb: It can be simpler than signing a rental contract and does not require long term commitment, which is handy if you are unsure how long your divorce proceedings will take.

With Texas divorce law requiring you to have grounds for divorce, check with an attorney to ensure your living arrangements do not conflict with these.