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Not paying child support may harm your credit score

Texas has a reputation in the U.S. for being one of the toughest states when it comes to child support. One of the problems parents who owe child support may encounter here and in other states is seeing nonpayment of child support show up on their credit report. When this happens, it may also cause a dip in their credit score.

What do I do about back child support that added up behind bars?

Texas is one of the worst states to owe child support in America. From potentially losing driving privileges to facing jailtime, Texas stops at almost nothing to get child support money. But, what about parents that are unable to pay because they are incarcerated?

Child support lapses reduced by threatening driving privileges

In 2016, Texas got so fed up with parents skimping on child support that the state decided to get creative. Texas decided to threaten one thing most adults hold dear to them: the ability to drive legally. According to ABC, parents who were more than six months behind on child support payments were not allowed to renew their vehicle registration.

Modifying the child support orders

Child support and parenting plans are typically part of a Texas divorce settlement. While that is the end of court proceedings for many families, life sometimes throws a curve ball. When circumstances change, the original court-ordered payment amount may become unsustainable. At the Law Office of Ellen Dixius, we often assist clients in making modifications to child support.

Which expenses should you put child support toward?

You are preparing to finalize your divorce in Texas and have received word that your ex is going to be required to pay so much money for child support each month. Now, you are left trying to decide how to use those funds in the wisest way possible to maximize your money now that you are living on a single parent's budget. 

How is child support calculated?

If you and your spouse are going through a divorce in Texas and you have children, two important considerations are who will get custody and who will pay for their expenses. There are numerous factors that go into calculating child support, and the court may order one or both parents to contribute financially. 

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